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How Ed Sheeran Saved My Ass

I was at the Ed Sheeran concert last night in Brooklyn, and security was trying to throw me out of venue for recording the show. By this time, it was 11:15 and I was in the middle of recording my 10th-ish song, when all of the sudden there was a security guy telling me I need to leave the venue. I was caught off guard and threw my camera at my friend. Ed was in the middle of singing Feeling Good by Nina Simone acapella, not even using his microphone. I was about third row general admission.

I don’t know if Ed had a clue what was going on, but I was adamant that I wasn’t leaving. I am a small town girl from central Pennsylvania. I live 4 hours from Brooklyn. I had nowhere to go. Regardless, he told me I needed to leave the venue. I brought up that I have an anxiety disorder and can’t leave my friend, and he gave a little and said I could sit at the back of the venue, but I still didn’t want to leave.

By the time Ed finished his cover, there were two security guards on me. They were listening to my protests, but were still trying to remove me from the crowd. One was grabbing my hip, and the other had a hand on my shoulder, it was hard to miss now. My friend Christina yelled to Ed “Yo! They’re trying to remove her from the crowd because she was filming.” By some grace of god, he heard and stopped the show.

Ed started to reason with security on my behalf. He was floored that recording wasn’t allowed. They claimed I was using a “professional camera” (I have a Canon SX40, while it is a big camera, it is by no means professional), and was ruining the show.  Ed then went to hand the security guy the microphone so he could say it for the entire crowd. Not wanting the attention, he refused to talk, and Ed said that he would take full responsibility for me if I filmed again and asked to get on with the gig.

I tried to hold it together as much as possible, and after the security left my side (not without body checking me first), I started to cry and shake. I’ve never felt like my knees were going to give out before, but I was clinging to Christina with my life.  I managed to regain some sort of control and was trying desperately to get Ed’s attention in order to thank him. 

In the final song, You Need Me, I Don’t Need You, he made eye contact with me and I used sign language to sign “thank you” He gave me a wink and a look that said “don’t mention it.”  He is truly a musical genius and a genuine nice guy, I met him twice earlier in the day, and have never met someone more humble and sincere. 

Ed saved me from having to sit out alone in Brooklyn and let me enjoy the remainder of his set. I can’t thank him enough. :)

Enjoy this picture of me and Ed from earlier in the day:

ignore the awkward barricade lean.

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